We help companies become Serverless

Make the unlimited power of the Cloud work for you!

Our Services

We transform applications running on legacy infrastructure into native cloud serverless environments.

Cloud Consultancy

We optimize performance and costs by utilising the Cloud to its full extent and sometimes beyond it.

Serverless Transformation

Serverless means using Cloud native managed services; we help clients adapt their application codebase and deployment methods to become 100% Serverless.

Cost Optimisation

We will help you to automatically scale your infrastructure estate based on demand and specific business needs. Your infrastructure will fit your needs without overspending.

Machine Learning

With effectively unlimited capacity, Cloud native machine learning tools make the most sense for realtime decisions or model training. We migrate ML workloads to Cloud native tools to improve your agility.

Hybrid Cloud

By using a flexible design we help our customers avoid vendor lock-in and connect their applications across existing data centres, co-location, managed hosting and cloud datacenters into one logical and coherent networking solution.


Our focus is to automate everything. From infrastructure to code releases, Infrastructure-as-Code and CI/CD pipelines form the core of our work, ensuring that quality is consistently high and the chance of human error is removed.

We are a Cloud Consultancy helping customers and cloud providers to design and deploy ambitious projects in a reliable and repeatable way.

  • We automate everything, leaving no room for human error.
  • We use the latest technologies to design and implement our solutions.
  • We use those to organise our and our customers’ workflows, keeping us all ahead of the technology curve.
  • We move fast to keep your business ahead of the competition.
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Cloud Partners

Our partnerships with Google Cloud Platform and AWS, combined with the many professional certificates awarded to our engineers mean your transformation is in safe hands whether your applications are running on Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Alibaba Cloud or any combination.


The most mature and featureful cloud

Transform your app to run natively in AWS with multi-AZ and multi-region options. We are strong players in this field; please check out how our engineers migrated large infrastructures to AWS.

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The best network and data services

We are Google Cloud Platform fully qualified partners. We can deliver your enterprise cloud migration project in record time. Our engineers have successfully compelted some of the biggest and fastest GCP migrations in the UK.

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Alibaba Cloud

Asian favourite and latest strong player

We work with Alibaba Cloud to automate multi-region infrastructure provisioning for companies who are entering or expanding their products in the Asian market. Despite Asia being Alibaba's home territory, they have multiple regions in North America, Europe and Middle East.

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Work Process

Clarity is central to the work; process is kept to a minimum.


We begin with short interviews of stakeholders to get an overview of the business needs and to set the scope for the project.

Next we run a “Deep Dive” into the current solution; through several working sessions with the developers, we discover and model the application’s internal processes so a project proposal can be prepared.


Infrastructure-as-Code coupled with an automated deployment pipeline form the backbone of all future work. With a preliminary setup in place, we start to modify the code (if necessary) by working with your development team.

As part of a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) phase, we create a software release deployment system that will publish source code into the Cloud. We now gather feedback from stakeholders and make modifications as required in readiness for application deployment to your new Cloud setup.


The final step is to deploy your application to all non-production environments and hand over the deployment and promotion process. Once Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing are successful, we deploy the app to production and switch the application endpoints to the new project.

Before the engagement concludes, we transfer all necessary knowledge for the Continuous Deployment tools. This includes a full brief, documentation, and a complete overview of the plans for the feature release pipelines from development through to production.

Just a word from our co-founders:

A team of employees and contractors make up Mayara's workforce; we are a team formed of only senior engineers with many years of experience on awesome projects.

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